My name is Demosthenis (aka Demos) Chronis and I was born a winter night in 1975. I grew up in Sparta, Greece and that is where I went to high school. Through my early years in high school, biology triggered my interest and mainly the cellular aspect of biology. Coming from an agricultural area, I wanted to explore the world of plants and combine my interest with molecular biology.


The opportunity came when I decided to leave Greece in 1995 and study abroad. I end up in Scotland and joined the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology (ICMB) at the University of Edinburgh. After four years of study at ICMB I graduated with a B.Sc. in Molecular Biology, with my thesis research focusing on the calcium-signaling pathway in Nicotiana tabacum.


In the fall of 1999 I joined the University of Missouri – Columbia and did an orientation for a year. During that period I worked with Dr. Joe Polacco and on the urea pathway. At the end of the orientation I was then sure that plant molecular biology was the career I wanted to pursue. On September 2000 I joined the lab of Dr. Hari Krishnan and start my Ph.D. work, with my research project concerning the sulfur metabolism pathway in soybean and enhancing the soybean seed sulfur content by genetically manipulating the enzymes involved in sulfur assimilation. In 2006 I received my Ph.D. in Agronomy and then start working as postdoctoral research associate in Dr. Mitchum's lab at MU till 2008, when I moved to Ithaca NY and start working as research molecular biologist in Dr. Wang’s lab at USDA-ARS. Remained at that position till January 2014.


With the arrival of my first born child I decided to return to my roots. Currently I'm the owner of our family's olive and olive oil business, Olea Estates. I'm responsible of the US distribution, business logistics, website, graphics and social media.


Browse through this website for educational background, work experience and research interests. During my seven year post doc experience in plant pathology and nematology, I have explored various techniques in order to solve and overcome obstacles in the plant science field. My personal attributes include leaderhsip, excellent organizational skills as well as analytical and troubleshooting skills. I interact productively with people from diverse backgrounds and traditions.


Demos   Grad 2



Demosthenis Chronis


Owner at Olea Estates


Ithaca NY

Professional Interests

plant molecular biology, nematodes, plants, olives and olive oil


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